Ron Smith Laupola, President

1992 - Present

2nd Tenor since 1976

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to God's Ministry. I have been privileged to serve in this capacity and work alongside people who genuinely love God and one another. By visiting our site, it expresses that Ministry through music is still effective in today's society.

SGH have diligently worked to take God's message through music as far as possible. Since SGH start in 1972, I follow in the great footsteps of those who led before me, like the late Mr. Asipeli Poulivaati, Mrs. Betty Lawson and the late Pastor Alele Moaga.

I ask for your continued prayers that SGH keeps God first and that this music will touch hearts and bring people close to our loving God and Savior.

In His Service,

Ron Smith Laupola